ANTILLES HIGH SCHOOL in FORT BUCHANAN, Departamento de defensa

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School Reviews: ANTILLES HIGH SCHOOL from FORT BUCHANAN, Departamento de defensa

Information and opinions about the school is a school from High School. School was operational at the time of the last report and is currently operational. in FORT BUCHANAN. Nin the county of N,Departamento de defensa.





ANTILLES HIGH SCHOOL is a school district with -1 students and can be contacted at N.


ANTILLES HIGH SCHOOL – FORT BUCHANAN. Address and information.


  • Unique NCES public school ID: 6,10E+11
  • State code: Departamento de defensa – PR
  • NCES school ID.: 57
  • State’s own ID for the education agency: HEPRAN
  • State’s own ID for the school: HEPRA4
  • Education agency: ANTILLES DISTRICT
  • Name of the school: ANTILLES HIGH SCHOOL
  • Telephone number of school: 7877925286
  • The mailing address of the school: N
  • School location street address: M
  • ZIP code: 934
  • Four-digit (ZIP+4) code for the location address:
  • Locale code: N
  • N county number: N
  • County: N
  • Congressional district code: N
  • GPS location: {lat: 0.000000, lng: 0.000000}



Academic information and educational project of ANTILLES HIGH SCHOOL

  • School level: High School
  • School low grade offered: 9th Grade
  • School high grade offered: 12nd Grade
  • Type of school: Regular school
  • School status: School was operational at the time of the last report and is currently operational.




  • Calculated pupil/teacher ratio: -1 pupil/teacher
  • Classroom teachers: -1



ANTILLES HIGH SCHOOL scholarships and grants

  • Free lunch eligible students: -1 students
  • Reduced-price lunch eligible students: -1 students
  • Total of free and reduced-lunch eligible: -1 students




  • All students: -1
    • Prekindergarten students 3–5 years: students
    • Kindergarten 5–6 years: students
    • Grade 1 students 6–7 years: students
    • Grade 2 students 7–8 years: students
    • Grade 3 students 8–9 years: students
    • Grade 4 students 9–10 years: students
    • Grade 5 students 10–11 years: students
    • Grade 6 students 11–12 years: students
    • Grade 7 (Middle school / Junior high school ) 12–13 years: students
    • Grade 8 (Middle school / Junior high school ) 13–14 years: students
    • Grade 9 (Freshman High school) 14–15 years: -1 students
    • Grade 10 (Sophomore High school) 15–16 years: -1 students
    • Grade 11 (Junior High school) 16–17 years: -1 students
    • Grade 12 (Senior High School) 17–18 years: -1 students
    • Total ungraded students -1



Ethnic Distribution

  • American Indian/Alaska Native students: -1
    • American Indian/Alaska Native – male: -1
    • American Indian/Alaska Native – female: -1
  • Asian students: -1
    • Asian – male: -1
    • Asian – female:-1
  • Hispanic students: -1
    • Hispanic – male: -1
    • Hispanic – female: -1
  • Black, non-Hispanic students: -1
    • Black – male: -1
    • Black – female: -1
  • White, non-Hispanic students: -1
    • White, non-Hispanic – male: -1
    • White, non-Hispanic – female: -1
  • Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander students:
    • Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander – male:
    • Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander – female:
  • Two or more races students:
    • Two or more races – male:
    • Two or more races – female:



ANTILLES HIGH SCHOOL information and reviews in Spanish


Comments and reviews about the ANTILLES HIGH SCHOOL school from FORT BUCHANAN

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ANTILLES HIGH SCHOOL GPS coordinates: {lat: 0.000000, lng: 0.000000}


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